Andrew F. Popper (Chair), B.A., Baldwin Wallace College; J.D., DePaul University; LL.M., The George Washington University. Professor of Law.

J. Jonas Anderson, B.S., University of Utah; J.D., Harvard University, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Scholarship.

Paul Figley, B.A., Franklin & Marshall College; J.D., Southern Methodist University. Associate Director of Legal Rhetoric and Legal Rhetoric Instructor.

Amanda Frost, A.B., Harvard College; J.D., Harvard Law School. Professor of Law.

Lewis A. Grossman, B.A., Yale University; J.D., Harvard Law School; Ph.D., Yale University. Professor of Law.

Elizabeth Keith, B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; J.D., George Mason School of Law. Professor of Legal Rhetoric.

Benjamin M. Leff, B.A., Oberlin College; M.A., University of Chicago Divinity School; J.D., Yale University. Professor of Law.

Amanda Cohen Leiter, B.S., M.S., Stanford University; M.S., University of Washington; J.D., Harvard University. Professor of Law.

Jeffrey S. Lubbers, A.B., Cornell University; J.D., University of Chicago Law School. Professor of Practice in Administrative Law.

William Snape, III, B.A., University of California at Los Angeles; J.D., The George Washington University. Assistant Dean of Adjunct Faculty Affairs, Practitioner-in-Residence, and Environmental and Energy Fellow.

Adeen Postar, B.A., Washington University; M.L.S., Catholic University of America; J.D., Washington University. Library Director and Professor of Practice.

Stephen J. Wermiel, B.A., Tufts University; J.D. Washington College of Law, American University. Program in Law and Government and Professor of Law.

Lindsay F. Wiley, A.B., J.D, Harvard University; M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University. Professor of Law and Director of the Health Law & Policy Program.

Advisory Board

Linda D. Jellem

Barry Breen

Reeve Bull

Andrew C. Cooper

Neil Eisner

Alexia Emmermann

Andrew Guhr

Gary Halbert

Sabrina S. Jawed

Hon. Scott Maravilla

David McConnell

Greg Weinman

Hon. Eve L. Miller

Warnecke Miller

Amit Narang

Naveen Rao

Scott Reid, M.P.

Judith Rivlin

Marc Sacks

Cary Silverman

Eric Simanek

Megan Tinker

Arthur Traynor